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Thursday, February 2, 2012

She found the mountain beauty

Mr. Tupai @ squirrel
For those who climbs upon the very highest mountains will laughs at all tragedies, whether its real or just imaginary. So today entry will brings u about this little creatures that live in this mountain. 
During the climb the other day, I met this little baby squirrel, they not afraid of human even they seem waiting for me, unfortunately regards to the animals bullier because u can't bother them as well hihii. 

Down here, lets meet this Red Giant Worm.
Giant Worm
yaay ! :)
i wonder how may your reaction, at this time muahahhaa...for me, i am very lucky to be able seeing them at this very close range. well, I mean yea, because i've never met this giant worm ever.
 :) This is what i call beauty of the mountain
you never realize that.. don't u?
so guys, don't wait until tomorrow..tomorrow maybe no more or the manglish said "jangan tunggu until the gunung kinabalu malatupZ" rugi tawww tak naik hihihi.

June 2&3, 2012 kita naik lagi..jum lah join us


  1. perghhh!mendaki kot!haha..jaohla kawan..t8 care 4 the next trip..:)
    rajin2 visit mine ye?

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