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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sibling conquer Asian highest mountain Mount Kinabalu.

my very loving sisters :)
After their application was accepted to climbed over the mt. Kinabalu (07-08 Jan 2012) once again this siblings in rush to get ready their stuff :) I was like seriously we just conquered the same mountain last year (15-16 Jul 2011) and now we are in about to climbed it again?  however in the silence without telling them i began to dance and sing.  'Praise God ! , i am going i'm in and i'll be there very soon again. rofl !!
So, its begin....
me,sisters, cuzzy and the tourist
we reached at the top more earlier than last year where a crowd of hikers were resting and enjoying the view. I just couldn't believe it and almost cry because 
I was injured at that time and were advised by our guide not to continue the climb.
2 am early morning
 I just don't want to missed off the climb, its about the climb and the wish of each person so i pretend to be just OK while climbers are not allowed to do so. Eventually i made it, i made it!! even my leg burning out of pain. @.@

Completing the conquest is the most favorite part of mine. It was more meaningful finished it with the siblings. 

Sister and I

Told in a wide eyes, i am looking forward for another climb. Perhaps in this June we were already arranged  date to climb. Listen to your heart beat, are you joining us?  Its not too late to register your name and take place in our activities.

If your interested, just feel free to comment and get more info about our country.