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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Women climbing pretty amazing

Mission Completed, unstable stand
Hi, my name is Justlye and you can call me Just or simply JJ.
Today, imma going to share something about the probability
during ascent when women climb.
You may say YUCKkkzz!! 
after seeing the picture below. hehe, 
are you ready then?

Focus and concentrate ...
Nasib baiklah warnanya macam nail polish sajerr hihi
well, what u guys think?
The bad is, i cannot keep long nails anymore
and the good, is i am pleased to be able climbing again.
So, here my advise and manglish said  "apabila anda plan nak naik gunung kerr suatu hari nanti, silalah pastikan kuku2  jari jemari anda dah dipotong pendek sebelum naik." 
-Pretty damn good-

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