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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What People say about Mt.kinabalu~

I randomly ask few people about what they gonna says about mt.kinabalu. Really..i did it and actually what they had says makes me proud of them while 1 of my guess are from California..


Gunung Kinabalu? O' sana sejuk dan panat naik owh,
tapi bila sampai atas puncak punyalah 'siok'
climb up tiring-reach at low peak awesome and magnificent

 via 'sms'


Mt. Kinabalu? one of  Sabah's  identity where we can
 challenge ourselves to conquer the mountain and
 at the same time enjoy the superb scenery.

 via-facebook comments.
Steve Gay-Lakeside California
Mt. Kinabalu? well..Its a beautiful peak.
on a clear morning you can see the most beautiful 
sunrise over the mountain.the trees grow so tall. 
It's a nice place to take a walk up the side of the paths

Via Facebook chat room

Mt. kinabalu? She said Mt. Kinabalu is a perfect place for those who love challenging activity.

Via-facebook chat room

Gunung kinabalu?-hmmm adventure, silent and beautiful

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                                                                     Pandangan sia, Gunung Kinabalu Mahkota Sabah
which mean, Sabah identity

Via Facebook Message 

Thanks to Judy-Belle-Steve-Joan-Luis-Noah
and also thanks for the picture.
u guys are awesome.
million zillion thanks.

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