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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day

In time of test, family is best !
When i received the very message, i almost drop my cell phone.
I mean, even she just a friend of mine, 
but she act like a sister of mine.
My wish, for her last year after she was 
diagnosed with cancer first stage, 
I told her, that she will be fine, she will be brave 
to face it until she recovery well
and we will hang out together for dinner with her 
girls and of course also with her lovely husband. 
After the Chemo, she doing great, i call and talk to her, 
seems like everything soon will be alright.

Cancer, the never ending illness !

Only a few month after the chemo therapy  the tumors 
quickly spread into her body.
Right now she struggling to live with these final stage of cancer.
When i see the situation, what other choice is there but hope?
Seems like i am more afraid than her.
She is much more stronger than me.
 I know its really pain
I really2 miss you 
hold on and il be there really soon.

I love you and Happy Valentine's Day.

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