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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Magical Trees Only at Mt. Kinabalu

at km 7.0 Mt. Kinabalu
Well, good morning and good day to you guys !

So today, i'm gonna write something about the magical trees only at Mt. Kinabalu [km7.0]. 
So, here it start..............,
I took out my camera and ready to hunt some probably view at this sight.  My sister and i with my freaking face were stunned a while with this very dead trees. well, seems like its a feckless 
trees for the first times saw?
 i agreed that because it was so, but then after resting and enjoy the view there, i felt something unique about this trees. I took a long times to figure it out, well, i actually don't know what its all about
but its something that been hide maybe by the trees itself,  so then people can't 
writes a story about it. (just saying)
 I'm truly enjoy and feel more peaceful looked after this trees 
BUT I don't know why? or ...You guys maybe can help me to find it out? LOL
 so that it...
The Magical Trees that i told u ^^
This maybe not a magic trees for u, but for me, the trees has just spell on me :D
and that the reason why, i called em' THE MAGIC TREES. Peace to those who read and enjoy the picture.

p/s: im not gud in writing any entry at all :( help me...hoho


  1. WA! nice ooh the tree... hahaha.. gunang ni. ada suda blog baru ak...please follow bck k. tengs... wakaka :D

  2. kimbetssss hahhaa...bah baiklah. Tengs tu.