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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Climb 1

From Rose Cabin Jln Ranau Viewed
The highest mountain in South East Asia is located in Sabah, East Malaysia, Borneo. Not easy but a rewarding climb. In my first experience, i am very excited when i had plan to climb, well that is my first climb ever.


Day 1,  you have to climb from 1800m to 3200m, 6 km in length and that was the main hut (Pondok Timpohon) toward ascent. Before the climb i recommend you to pose together, took as many pictures you want because after you enter the gate, and climb as 1km far, i believe your cute faces will turn to another species or in other words like Mr. Been. lol kidding.



Staying in a comfortable lodge, I mean at the background of our picture. Actually the photo was taken when we had to climb down from the mountain by our friend on that day Dorisj Sitaun.
Most of all the pictures above was taken by her...besides she was a photographer, I have no regrets to climb up with her! lol, Thanks Doris :)
So where were we, ya! after climb 6km far, then we have to checkin in their rest house, so sad there no pictures available yet, i lost my phone and memory card. (Laban Rata) that was the name of the rest house, in there we just can in for dinner, breakfast and when u think buy something. Gunting Lagadan was our last destination on day 1, after that u can sleep or do your own things in a cold weather.

DAY 2,
After staying in a comfortable lodge climb another 900m over 2.7 km before dawn to see the sunrise (if your lucky). I am not that lucky because i reach at the top after the sunrise. Anyway enjoy our pictures goin all the way down and at the finally there.

Ok, that's all for now..seriously, i had plan to climb up again next year. That makes 2 times for me, lol. Hopes you guys can choose your day! i mean to climb over..i bet u will truly want to come back again :D


  1. ok. u make me wanna go to kundasang again. but this time to climb mount kinabalu. cant wait!

  2. :) Thanks GB' now i kno y did my sista call u gb gb d other day....i tot she must b the Guru Besar. haha....ya ya...come and join us...will wait for u! :p